Relentless: Real People, Real Results, Real World

A deep dive into how real people get real results in the real world. Relentless mixes stories to provide context and the actions you can take right now in both short-format episodes and long-format interviews. Get ready to tackle anything from your morning cup of coffee to your exercise and nutrition regimens to building a million dollar business.
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Apr 15, 2016

Having a dream, PaleoFX, creating a mega event, going into debt, coming to terms with mission versus money and respecting that money is necessary to make something viable, setting prices, adding speakers, advice from Robb Wolf, dealing with vendors, handling crises, improving infrastructure, incorporating audience feedback, building a team, staying alive and sticking together through it all, and prioritizing self care and health

Mar 30, 2016

Paying it forward, protein coffee, practicing what you preach, the importance of strength training, pursuing a dancing career, teamwork, injuries, changing her career path, getting evaluated, prioritizing rest, body awareness, instant gratification, workout progress, performance metrics, being a professional, external accountability, being one step away, becoming your own inspirational story, learning to say no, reconnecting with why you do what you do, and being your own brand

Mar 22, 2016

Coffee substitute, organic activity, 5/2 diet, evaluating any diet, asking why, hormesis, hormetic stressors, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Found My Fitness, Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Vitamin D, sunlight, customizing an exercise routine, understanding your persona, finding your North Star, and projecting confidence

Mar 15, 2016

Ultra-running, Rocky 50K race, Back on My Feet, Wharton School social media, listening to podcasts on long runs, organically finding her way into a marathon, progressing to longer distances, hiring a running coach, the importance of cross-training, nutritional individualization, not judging people for their food choices, taking action, creating the Rocky 50K, receiving a cease and desist from MGM, building a passionate group, understanding social media, respecting different strengths for different platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, prioritizing, volume versus engagement, mixing a good Moscow Mule, and being open to trying new things

Mar 8, 2016

IDEA Fitness Conference takeaways, Gary Vaynerchuk at 92Y, benefits of travel, Todd Durkin, Trina Gray, sports nutrition trends, Gatorade, understanding the context of headlines, Paleo, gluten free, food quality and selection, sugar consumption, customization and individualization, #AskGaryvee book, clouds and dirt, moving mountains, and embracing the world as it is

Feb 29, 2016

Morning restorative cardio, gummy bears, habit, Movnat, Animal Flow, Kettlebell Athletics, Fitwall, living around the world, basketball, issues with gut bloating, BA training, teaching workshops, intense travel, recovering from major injuries, human Turkish Getups, an aerobic conditioning prescription, vitamin M, female versus male mindset, heart rate training, burying calories as a workout metric, social media advice, figuring out what works for you, and worrying less

Feb 22, 2016

A return to podcasting, Relentless Transformation, setting appropriate expectations, IDEA Fit Conference, Clifton Harski, excitement and lottery tickets, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Sacca, practicing focus, leveraging Instagram, embracing fat, dietary cholesterol, process over outcome, and not betting dead money

Dec 23, 2015

A thank you, Relentless Transformation program, Jocko Willink, preparing for the New Year, self audits, fitness and health goals, lifestyle customization, black and white programs, holiday extremes, setting expectations, nutrition quantity, balancing binges, and interacting with people

Nov 25, 2015

How to have a great holiday season, balancing expectations and actions, having no regrets, morning and evening routines, relentless rockstars, the power of teamwork, lifting heavy things, a starter exercise routine, taking a step back, balancing the trees with the forest, and a happy, healthy Thanksgiving and big thank you

Nov 21, 2015

Removing inputs, having real world experience, the importance of internships, career detachment, reading literature, winning a Tim Ferriss competition, traveling to Japan, dreaming and journaling, roots in health and fitness, mapping Relentless Fitness around its people, having flexibility, taking the long-term view, encouraging clients to succeed on their own, Transformation program, sellout marketing, morning and evening routines, inspiring change in others, precursors to success, performance enhancing drugs, high achievement, persisting through low moments, seeing value in your health, allocating time and money to health, humanity and growth, having less extremes, and walking a tightrope

Nov 16, 2015

Unite Fitness, corporate world roots, environmental passions, a quarter-life crisis, traveling the world, growing up in a football town, crystallizing a passion in health and fitness, taking risks, writing and journaling, pioneering a new group training concept, not knowing, civic work, MANNA, Steve's Club, Spartan Race, working with good people, creating and running an event, learning from Crossfit, hiring people and having a criteria, growing a business, bringing in partners, franchising, serial entrepreneurship, trying new things, guided meditation, mind body connection, heart muscle and mind, slowing down, managing stress, taking care of yourself, connecting with people, and being a human being

Nov 9, 2015

Changing scenery, decompressing, bodyweight workout video, flexible plans, adaptable mindset, being on-time, Powerful Personal Trainer, entitlement versus re-earning yourself, do it first, to-do lists, burpees, 10-minute workout, reducing inputs, unsubscribing from mailing lists, and clearing the deck

Nov 4, 2015

Maximizing personal productivity, becoming a manager, good and bad employees, making versus managing, move the ball forward, empathy, leading by empowering others, Powerful Personal Trainer, training trainers, having ideas versus producing them, making your idea a reality, recording and producing a podcast, writing and publishing a book, benefits of having a book, and a challenge to accomplish something today

Nov 2, 2015

Purpose of exercise, physical goals and expectations, exercise programming, exercise selection, health, fitness and performance, energy, body transformation, exercise form, brain body connection, body and mind, brain games, self care, foam rolling, float tanks, salt baths, like-minded business professionals, business networking, non-profit causes

Oct 26, 2015

Balance between long-term and short-term, having your head in the clouds, grinding in the moment, Mediterranean Diet and brain size, processed meat and cancer, cancer causes and preventative measures, grass-fed beef, Dr. Colin Champ, medical studies, Vox, faulty data, bookstores, deck of playing cards workouts, advice for new business people, using client and customer perspective, and Steve's Club

Oct 21, 2015

Client inspiration, Simone Biles, gymnastics training, transitioning into gymnastics coaching, social work, climbing the hill and grinding, finishing what you started, not blindly following a path, setting yourself up for tomorrow, chronic back pain, personal reinvention, coaching styles, individualization, structure for kids, personal mission, feeling strong inside and out, client perspective, organic business growth, word of mouth advertising, positive self talk, black and white versus gray, Relentless Fitness family, hiring a personal chef, tangible versus intangible costs, and standing next to yourself

Oct 19, 2015

Building your future self, personal transformation, honesty about stressors, standing and fighting, short-term stress reduction strategies, taking action, shifting perspective, changing your environment, sensory overload, Brain Waves app, sleep, support systems, mastermind groups, external accountability, seasonality, bone broth, clarity, Halloween events, Run4UrLife, Steve's Club, Race for Hope, and Spartan Race training

Oct 12, 2015

Paleo Magazine Radio appearance, conditioning drills, the dark side of being an entrepreneur, anxiety and stress, internal and external adaptation, systems, batching social media, outdoor activity, holiday business opportunity, Steve Liberati, Steve's Club,, 30-minutes to win it, and Spartan Race training

Oct 5, 2015

Bodyweight exercise, bodyweight workout video, article, Tony Federico interview, incorporating fun, work life balance, diets, #RelentlessHalloween, longterm outlook, eliminating fear factors, posture awareness, desk chair exercise, proactive versus reactive, changing expectations, @iam_relentless on Instagram

Sep 30, 2015

Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, 4-Hour Workweek, growing up chubby and nonathletic, experiencing and ultimately reversing rock bottom, taking responsibility, focusing on single positive actions, taking a long-term view, defining Paleo, avoiding militant approaches, those who are willing to change versus those who aren't, weekly workout prescription, running, 10000 steps per day, appropriate exercise dose, law of diminishing returns, exercise as a form of entertainment, genetics, and #fatbutter

Sep 28, 2015

Evolving as a professional, Dr. Colin Champ, the mindset of an entrepreneur, Steven Pressfield, War of Art, consistency, batching your efforts, establishing a concrete schedule, no excuses, subtracting so you can add, #relentlesspope workout videos, high ROI actions, acting on behalf of your ideal future

Sep 24, 2015

Kung fu movies, yoga, Finite and Infinite Games, asking questions, surrounding yourself with challenging people, fitness versus health, prioritizing health, unstructured weight training, incorporating exercise into the everyday, why strict diets fail, Misguided Medicine, encouraging patients to ask questions about their treatment, salt intake, balancing professions and creative outlets, haters, benefiting from the art of podcasting, productivity practices, sleep routines, red wine, and embracing positive change

Sep 21, 2015

Run intervals, Keith Norris, balancing art and science, reverse engineering success, self-confidence, inputs, push-ups, exercise consistency, customer involvement, and user experience

Sep 19, 2015

Continuing education, not knowing it all, phases of a personal training career, balancing art and science, why personal trainers are like chefs and vets, observational skills, physical readiness tests, waking heart rate, grip, exercise as a coping mechanism, Ayahuasca and the difference between understanding the metaphysical and feeling it, visual candy, affecting lasting change via caring for someone, treating the organism as a whole, brain development and body movement as inseparable, importance of movement for kids, stress of overthinking details, and sleep

Sep 14, 2015

Fall madness, Spartan Race workouts, Paleo Fitness home gym advice, podcast appearance, staying adaptable, getting off the grid, recharging mentally, evaluating input and output, inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk, assessing your trajectory, making yourself uncomfortable, Steve's Club

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